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Inspiring, pushing the limit, extremely caring, passionate about his work, professional, always encouraging people to a healthier lifestyle, fun and transmitting positive energy are just a few words how I would describe Aleksandar. Health is a state of wellbeing in which you have to be in balance. This could be an expression of Aleksandar, as he recognizes how important mental health is besides physical health to contribute to a healthy and happy lifestyle, wellbeing. I think everyone training with him knows his famous “Be water my friend” story to motivate everyone’s balance in life.The above plus his compassion about others, genuine care that everyone who trains with him reaches his/her goal is what makes him different from all other trainers and I can only recommend Aleksandar to everybody. I miss training with him a lot. Kia Kaha
Sabrina Albert
(Director of events JW Marriott Marquis Dubai )
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Worauf Aleks besonders achtet ist die Technik. Er motiviert sehr gut und bringt einem Spass beim Training.
Laura R.

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Man hat das Gefühl in guten Händen zu sein.  
Irene K.

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Das Training gibt mir Kraft. Ich fühle mich danach gut und ausgeglichen.Viele Übungen inspirieren mich
Barbara W.
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